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Way Makers!

As we approach another Christmas season, I have once again been reflecting on the period from conception to the birth of Jesus.

In the scriptures we hear Jesus declare he is ‘the way’ but even before Jesus was fully manifested, John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for Jesus. He was a way maker.

Now more than ever, I believe God is calling us to be way makers; those who make a way for others to follow, those who do what others have not done and those who go where others have not gone.

10 Thoughts for Way Makers from the Nativity Story

1. God rarely does things the way we expect Him to.

The Jews were expecting a revolution that would see the Romans expelled from Israel, but God’s plans were to establish an eternal kingdom, not an earthly kingdom. God’s plans are always so much bigger than ours. It is time we, as way makers, partnered with His plans.

2. New things are often birthed in unconventional ways.

Just like Jesus being born of a virgin, God will often surprise us by how He does things. As we enter 2023 get ready for the unexpected!

3. People will not understand us and may well not believe us.

Can you imagine the gossip when it became apparent that Mary was pregnant! Never let the gossip or doubt of others rob you from birthing the dream God has placed within your heart. You are a way maker.

4. Miracles are often birthed in obscurity.

Mary spent 9 months in obscurity. Jesus spent 30 years hidden from the spotlight. Do not be discouraged by the long gestation period before the dream God has given you is birthed. He will cause the spotlight to shine on you at just the right time.

5. Lonely nights and difficult days often precede breakthrough.

I’m sure there were many times when Mary and Joseph felt lonely, isolated and cut off from others in their community. God had birthed within them something they couldn’t explain to others. Likewise, there will be seasons of loneliness and isolation that you will face before you step into the fullness of your purpose. Don’t quit before your breakthrough come!

6. God is already making a way for you.

Even before Jesus was conceived in Mary’s womb, God had caused Mary’s barren cousin, Elizabeth, to become pregnant with a child that we know as John the Baptist. He came as a way maker for Jesus. Be assured God has people to be way makers for you so that the dream He placed within your heart can come to pass.

7. There may be no room at the ‘inn’ of popularity, but God will make a way.

When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, all the popular ‘inns’ were booked up. Likewise, there is likely to be no room for your dream at the ‘inns’ of popularity. Do not be disappointed when traditional doors of opportunity or provision do not open. Seek God, He has new doors of opportunity and provision that he will cause to open to you.

8. Every great movement of history began small.

Born a baby in a manger. No one would had thought that Jesus would birth the greatest movement in history that is still going 2000 years later with 2 billion + followers on earth today. So, even though you may have only taken small steps towards seeing the dream in your heart fulfilled, keep going. As you make way for others, God will make a way for you.

9. Your present surroundings do not determine your future destiny.

Looking at the circumstances of Jesus’ birth you would not have given him much of a chance. Like Jesus, your destiny is not determined by your present surroundings. Your destiny is determined through partnership with God’s grace and favour.

10. Provision will always find its way to carriers of hope.

Jesus came to bring hope to a broken world. He had no riches but, yet the wise men sought him out and brought gifts of great value. As we seek to be way makers for others, bringing hope to their lives, God will cause provision to come so that we can fulfil the dream he has given us.

I pray that you and your family and have a blessed Christmas and enter 2023 expectant of all that God is about to do through each of us as ‘Way Makers’.

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