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How are you?

Now that’s a question you may well be asked quite often … but I mean ‘how are you really?’

Often as leaders we can put on a front saying we are doing good when, inside, the reality is that we are no longer the person we once were.

To help you assess how you really are I want to look at three topics related to ‘passion’.

  1. Passion for God

How is your passion for God?

Perhaps your passion for God is greater than ever before, but many of the leaders I meet, when they reflect honestly, tell me that their passion once burned bright but, over time, their passion has wained.

As Christian leaders in our homes, communities, workplaces and churches it is important that we regularly check our ‘passion level’.

If our passion for God is allowed to wain it will lead us to drift into apathy, compromise and ultimately lead us away from God

2. Passion for Life

How is your passion for life?

It is so good to meet leaders who are filled with passion for life … but passion filled leaders appear to be in the minority these days.

Most seem to have lost the ‘fire’ for what it is they do. The energy and enthusiasm of youth has long past for many and, more often than not, they are now doing what they do out of a sense of duty, obligation or, a need to earn a living, rather than serving the purposes of God for their life with the passion and fire that is required to gain the impact and influence they once dreamt of.

3. Passion for the Future

How is your passion for the future?

A man or woman with a vision for the future has a reason to get up in the morning and has the passion to inspire others to help them fulfil their dream.

Perhaps years of leading people, projects or programmes has left you exhausted. You no longer have the vision and passion to inspire others, never mind yourself. You have arrived at a point of existence rather than at a point were you are able to invest the wisdom of your experience by inspiring a new generation of leaders.

Do not despair 

I believe that with God’s help, and your commitment, you can see your passion come alive again for God, for life and for the future.

God’s plan is that you enjoy life, not endure it. His plan is that you continue to dream big dreams and see them come to pass, walking in the confidence of knowing that God’s favour rests upon you.

In my experience passion for God, life and the future is renewed when we:

a) Spend more time resting in God’s presence, listening to His voice and reading His Word.

b) Pray faith filled prayers, believing that God’s promises will come to pass.

c) Focus on God’s goodness rather than the enemy’s distractions.

d) Eliminate negative voices and influences from our lives.

Today I’m praying that God will help you as you take intentional steps to ensure that your passion for God, life and the future burns bright for many more years to come.



Tommy Stewart

Founder, Christians Who Lead

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