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Change How You See Things! 

How we see things determine the type of life we live.

When I took the picture linked to this post, I sensed God draw my attention to: 

The Rocks – I believe God would remind us that, when we are anchored to the rock Christ Jesus, we can stand unmoved in the midst of the storms of this life.

The Dryness – despite having been bashed by the winds and waves of the season that has now passed, when we ,like the rocks, bask in the Son we can become stepping stones and resting places that God will use in this new season. 

The Fresh Buds – at first I saw a barren bush but then I saw the fresh buds. Despite how things may look, focus on the signs of new life that are springing forth around you. It’s a new season. 

The Ripples – as I looked at the ripples, caused by a wind blowing across the water, God reminded me that although the wind of the Spirit can disturb some it will bring direction and acceleration to those who allow the wind to carry them into the centre of His plans. 

The Clear Blue Sky – in winter a clear sky leads to frost but I believe God is saying that He wants us to bask in the warmth of the Son, and as we do He will cause clouds of doubt to disperse and cold hearts to be warmed again. 

The Horizon – the horizon may seem out of reach but God would remind you that there is no end to where He can take you when you keep your eyes focused on Him. 

So, as we seek to live and lead like Jesus, lets ask the Father to help us see things how he sees them” 


Tommy Stewart

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