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A personal note from Tommy about 2022

Dear Friends,

During 2021 God had accelerated the opportunities that He has given to me locally and globally to help Christians be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus. As we arrive at the end of 2021, I am prayerfully considering how I best honour God with my time in 2022.

Along with my volunteer team, the key areas of opportunity that we / are presented with are:

  1. Further developing The Encouragers’ Network which now engages with leaders in 20+ nations each month and is seeing local encouragers networks established in a number of nations.

  2. Further developing leadership training through Christian online leadership academies, in-person conferences and events.

  3. Launching Level 3 and Level 5 accredited qualifications in leadership for Christians seeking to live out their faith in workplaces, communities, ministries and churches.

  4. Continuing to develop ‘The Wisdom Download’, an initiative which enables ‘older’ Christian leaders from around the world to share the wisdom God has given them in regard to family, business and church.

  5. Ministering to Christian leaders through ministry / prayer retreats so that they can be renewed physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  6. Providing leadership and teaching for the Youth for Christ International Leadership Academy which helps leaders in 110+ nations develop, grow and lead youth ministries that are leading 100,000 + young people to Jesus each year.

  7. Serving Youth for Christ International, by providing leadership guidance as YFCI, the world largest evangelical youth movement, seek to develop strategic approaches to reach the young people of the world for Jesus.

  8. Serve on the Global Strategy team of Arrow Leadership (founded by Leighton Ford, the brother-in-law of Billy Graham) helping full time Christian ministry workers be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus.

In additional to these opportunities, I am blessed to continue to chair Bible Society NI, chair Youth for Christ NI and be a trustee of Drop Inn Ministries, which supports Christian ministries in 30+ developing / persecuted nations.

Stepping forward in faith

As we step into this new season of opportunity, we do so in faith believing that God will provide. Neither l, nor any of my volunteer team, receive an income for our work.

Pushing into 2022 I am trusting God for enough income each month to cover living costs, part time admin support and travel costs (only where and when travel is seen as essential). In real terms I am believing God to provide £30,000+ in 2022 so that we can help 1000+ leaders across the world lead with faith filed hope and expectancy.

If you are already a partner with us in this work, thank you for your ongoing support. If you would like to explore how you might partner with us you can find out more at:


Tommy Stewart

Founder, Christians Who Lead.

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