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Helping Christian led organisations, businesses and charities to excel.

How We Can Support You

Excel Leadership offer a wide range of professional services to help your organisation excel.



With a wide range of expertise in business, charity and leadership, our advisors can act as a consultant to offer advice and support to your organisation, business or charity.



Our advisors can work alongside you, your leadership team and your staff to design a tailored programme to help achieve your individual and corporate goals.


Education & Training

Our range of courses and training can help you and your team to take the next steps in seeing your organisation, business or charity excel to new levels.

Holding Hands

Prayer Support Calls

Brian hosts a weekly prayer Zoom call to gather leaders from across the world to impart encouragement and join together in prayer for each other. They run on Monday evenings (UK time).

If you would like to join, send us an email for more details.

How You Can Join Us

As Christian leaders across the world, you can join us in helping to support and encourage other Christian leaders by becoming an Ambassador, Partner, Coach or Mentor.

Leadership Ambassadors

Leadership Ambassadors are leaders that the Christians Who Lead team have recognised to have a strong commitment to encouraging, equipping and empowering Christians who lead in their region or nation.

Leadership Ambassadors will be licensed to develop Christians Who Lead in their region or nation under the mentorship of a member of the Christians Who Lead leadership team.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Leadership Partners

Leadership Partners are Christians with long standing experience of leading workplaces, communities or ministry at a senior level.


Christians Who Lead approved leadership partners come alongside organisational leaders to support them on their personal and professional leadership journey, often helping them navigate difficult and complex challenges 

Image by Christina @

Leadership Coaches

Christians Who Lead partner with experienced Christian leadership coaches who can help workplace, community or ministry leaders identify their strengths and develop leadership competencies.

We believe that God inspired leadership coaches can help leaders maximise their potential and fulfil their dreams.

Support Group

Leadership Mentors

Our leadership mentors are experienced leaders who are available to mentor younger or less experienced leaders, offering them their wisdom, insight and advice.

Mentors are matched carefully to mentees to ensure that the mentees can gain long term benefit from the mentor / mentee relationship.

Image by Kenny Eliason
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