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About Us

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Our Story

Christians Who Lead is dedicated to ensuring that Christians who lead in their community, workplace or church are encouraged, equipped and empowered to do so with excellence.

Who is Christians Who Lead For?

If you are a Christian and lead, or aspire to lead, then we would invite you to become part of the growing ‘Christians Who Lead’ family.

There is no cost. It will be our honour and joy to encourage, equip and empower you in whichever capacity you lead. All you need to do is to sign up to receive our latest newsletters and articles.

How will ‘Christians Who Lead’ help me?

We are committed to seeing you reach your full potential as you lead in your community, workplace or church. We aspire to do that through:

  • Providing articles and resources that encourage, equip and empower in your leadership.

  • Developing training programmes that enable you to grow in your leadership ability .

  • Supporting you through online prayer and ‘leader care’.

  • Connecting you with other Christians who lead in your region.

  • Creating opportunities for you and other Christians within your sector to collaborate.

  • Enabling you to contribute your wisdom to the growth of Christian leaders around the world. 

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Meet the Team.

Become a Supporter

In seeking to achieve such a large vision we do incur costs. All of our costs are covered by donations received from leaders just like you. You can invest into the lives of other Christian leaders through a one off donation or monthly giving.

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